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Patient safety

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  • Its structure provides softness and comfort

    Cotton cover will not harm the skin

    The cylindrical body allows the leg to move right, left, forward and backward.

    The product can be cleaned by hand or by a washing machine at 30 ° C

  • Prevents movement of the arm, stabilizes the movement of the elbow.

    Made from 100% cotton, waterproof outer cover

    In the case of long-term use does not cause allergy and irritation

  • Gloves Restrict movement to the palm of the hand, preventing trauma in the palm of the hand thanks to its soft round part under the palm of the hand

    The upper part consists of a synthetic mesh to prevent full movement of the palm

    Easy and safe to use

    One model is near right and left

  • Hand-held gloves, containing polystyrene granules that reduce pressure on the palm of the hand, allow the patient to squeeze them and run the fingers

    Easy and safe to use

    In the case of long-term use does not create allergy or irritations

  • These limb holders have a double connecting strap to help restrict movement that could disrupt treatment. Cuff is made of breathable foam + cotton. For use on wrists or ankles.

  • Physical restraint belts are suitable for a wide variety of situations, suitable for the restriction of any desired movement. It is used to prevent the patient’s movement during a crisis.

    By providing secure fixation offers maximum safety both to the patient and to his surroundings.

    Provides maximum control over the patient’s mobility and comfort to the patient himself.

  • The belt is designed for patients who need help in moving from the bed or wheelchair.

    The belt makes it easy to lift the patient.

Showing all 7 results