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  • A two piece system – male External Catheter and a double-sided flexible medical rubber hypoallergenic adhesive strip

  • The mattress protector is designed to provide the user with a comfortable and pleasant sleep experience while protecting the mattress from the penetration of liquids.

    The mat mattress consists of five protective layers: the first layer is made of 100% natural hypoallergenic cotton. The following three layers are made of highly absorbent material. The fifth layer is made of quality vinyl that makes it resistant to water and other liquids.

    “Breathing” mattress protector – This software improves the quality of life and the ease of use by preventing excessive sweating and allowing the skin to breathe even after prolonged lying time.

    The mattress protector is easy to use, washable and can be cleaned.

  • The C3 male continence device is intended for management of incontinence in males who are considered candidates for an external urethral occlusive device.

  • Instruction: The user places the penis between the two foam pads and the hinged clamp is squeezed shut. It provides a closing pressure on the urethra, which is close to the bottom of the penis.

  • Device for enemas / anal cleaning Reprop® Clyster consists of an elastic, easy-to-handle 750 ml bottle with an air release valve, a check valve and a rectal tube. Using manual pressure, the fluid is pumped into the rectum. Thanks to a check valve, a reflux of fecal particles from the bowel into the bottle is impossible

  • pocket Sock for Carrying the urine bagת while splitting the weight evenly on the leg. The sock is intended to prevent the bag moving during a walk and to offer the user full Mobility. There are two types of socks: upper leg sock and lower leg sock.

  • Our Deluxe Leg Bag Strap is produced from soft cotton and elastic material. Silicon Beading keeps the strap comfortably in place. Universal and Washable.

  • Mizra Medical’s Safe and Secure Strap is a foam strap with pile and hook fastener which offers a non-adhesive alternative for attaching the male external catheter.

  • Spillproof male urinal No cover needed: always ready to use, no need to call. 33 oz / 1 liter capacity. Will not spill what the position of the urinal. Usable with one hand. Soft to the touch plastic. Discreet to use. Easy to clean.

  • Weekly pill storage box is divided into a week of days, in addition to every day divided into 5 cells (morning, afternoon, evening, night, extra).

  • Weekly organizer 4 compartment per day. Manufactured of strong, high quality plastic.  Dimensions: 15cm W x 10cm H x 2cm D

Showing 1–12 of 15 results